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There is a great need for somatics practitioners in the world today as interest rises in our society for a lifestyle praxis that includes natural self-healing, rigorous self-education, and creative bodymind exploration. The Spiral Praxis Advanced Studies Program (SPASP) integrates this interest into an education process. The unique focus of our program is that it encourages students to discover their own bodymind perspectives, strengths and weaknesses and use that knowledge to help others in the world. The combination of rigorous somatic learning, hands-on experience and internship possibilities makes SPASP a wonderful program for those interested in serious somatic study. Create your own vision for somatic healing and teaching!

The Spiral Movement Center Offers:

  • World Class Instruction
    Small classes with attention to individual progress and learning styles

  • Internship Opportunities
    Gain direct experience with adults and children at the Spiral Movement Center

  • Financial Assistance
    SMC offers scholarship opportunities and financial aid for qualified students

An Improved and Accessible Curriculum

We have recently revamped our entire curriculum to make it easier for students and professionals to study in a way that fits their lifestyle and needs. The SPASP will now be extended over three years. There are basically two different ways to experience the program:

Our upcoming online courses will allow people to study a large part of Spiral Praxis remotely; in addition, certification & training will be offered through short modularized intensives through the year. These improvements will make it easier for professionals and foreign students to gain access to the basic Spiral Praxis curriculum.

Students can also opt to learn Spiral Praxis in the traditional way at the Spiral Movement Center. The advantage of this approach is that it provides regular live instruction as well as internship possibilities at SMC. Furthermore, students will have the opportunity to participate in on-site somatic training/research projects that are a vibrant part of our community here.

Exact details for SPASP will be released on January 1st, 2020. However, the following is a rough outline of our future offerings. Please feel free to contact us for further details or sign up for our newsletter to get the latest SMC updates!

Summer Intensives: Intro to Spiral Praxis (Level 1)

In June 2020, SMC will be holding a series of intensives that are designed for both non-professionals and professionals. Each module can be taken independently, although some require prerequisite training. Prospective students are encouraged to take as many modules as they can—each module teaches a different area of Spiral Praxis.

Personal Exploration

June 1-14, 2020
60 hours

The summer intensive module is a highly experientially-based module based on the theme of personal exploration. It is designed for anyone with an interest in learning more about the basic bodymind techniques employed in Spiral Praxis. Students will be introduced to basic somatic movement activities, internal flow techniques, and bodywork/touch principles. Highly recommended not only to somatic practitioners but also for meditators, yogis, athletes, dancers, dance therapists and other body-based enthusiasts. Please note that this module is mandatory for non-professional students seeking certification.

Injury Rehabilitation
June 15-21 2020
40 hours

This week-long intensive is designed for somatics practitioners and other bodywork professionals who are interested in learning about the healing techniques of Spiral Praxis. The course will focus on the fundamentals of SP diagnosis, hands-on techniques, body manipulation and theory. Professionals with prior certification or knowledge of anatomy/kinesiology can enrol without any other prerequisites; non-professionals can still enrol if they have completed the personal exploration module or have relevant volunteer experience.

Injury Rehabilitation for Children
(parents, caregivers and professionals)
June 15-21, 2020
40 hours

This week-long intensive is designed for parents, caregivers and occupational/physical therapists who are interested in helping children with disabilities to recover their motor functioning. The emphasis of this workshop is to work with gentle fundamental bodywork techniques for kids who might be non-verbal and developmentally delayed. Subjects that will be covered include diagnosis, release of contractures, and limb patterning. Parents and caregivers who are deeply invested in the care of their children are highly encouraged to attend.

The summer intensive will also be extended with an optional module for people who are interested in learning more about the advanced areas of Spiral Praxis, including new areas of physical embodiment and fractal meditation. These subjects represent some of the latest advances of Spiral Praxis and will be of great value to those who are interested in learning about the cutting-edge of somatic possibility.

Optional Extension Module
June 22-29, 2020
40 hours

This week-long intensive is open to participants of any of the prior intensives listed above. It will be a free-flowing format where participants can follow their own interests under the guidance of the instructor. This course is highly recommended for Spiral Praxis practitioners, bodymind seekers, and somatic researchers who wish to deepen their knowledge of bodymind beyond the basic curriculum, and to learn what is at the cutting edge of this exciting field.

Main Curricular Structure

The main Spiral Praxis curriculum will be held throughout the year in conjunction with online study. On-site modules will be offered in October, December, and March at SMC in 3-year cycles. For students interested in somatic certification, they will have the option to study remotely or to fulfill their studies at our physical center in Toronto. Professionals may be permitted to attend different modules depending on their level of experience and expertise.

Year 1: Personal Embodiment
(Level 2)
3 modules + online classes; 400 hours

The theme of the level one module is somatic embodiment and understanding. Students will be provided with (1) a solid foundation of Spiral Praxis theory and practice, and (2) will be challenged to create self-embodiment projects to practically apply their understanding to personal somatic obstacles and goals. Much of class time will be devoted to the exploration of body-based activities such as yoga, meditation, and fitness as well as for exploratory and creative movement improvisation. A sketch of all the major anatomical organ systems will also be covered. By the end of this module, students will be able to teach general somatic classes for both children and adults and will be given their SPASP level 1 certificate (after fulfillment of appropriate contact hours).

  • Semester 1: TBA, Fall 2020

  • Semester 2: TBA, Winter 2021.

  • Semester 3: TBA, Spring 2021

Year 2: Professional Training
(Level 3)
3 modules + online classes; 400 hours

The SPASP level two module is designed for those who wish to apply Spiral Praxis to specialized somatic areas such as injury rehabilitation, somatic thinking/feeling, human creativity and potentiality. Students who pursue this path will delve into the finer points of Spiral Praxis methodology, anatomy, and somatic psychology. Diagnostic procedures, treatment progression, somatic ethics are some of the issues which will be covered. In this demanding level of study, students are required to undergo a series of 8 sessions with a qualified Spiral Praxis practitioner, participate in regular contact hours with clients, and pass a final test to show their competence in somatic practice. After successful completion of these requirements students will be given their SPASP level 2 certification and their SME/SMT certificate.

  • Semester 1: TBA, Fall 2021.

  • Semester 2: TBA, Winter 2022.

  • Semester 3: TBA, Spring 2022.

Year 3: Advanced Master Training (Level 4)
3 modules + online mentoring; 500 hours

SPASP level 3 certification is reserved for those practitioners who wish to learn about the cutting-edge research that is possible using advanced Spiral Praxis techniques. The range of research topics is quite large, including accelerated somatic learning, advanced flow patterning, Spiral Praxis applications in music and dance, cognitive and emotional re-patterning, and more. Students are encouraged to design their own program in addition to learning a core curriculum of cutting-edge Spiral Praxis topics. Successful completion of this module will certify a student as a master somatic teacher and will allow him/her to teach Spiral Praxis to others. Fellowships are available for exceptional students.

Application Process and Fees

To apply for SPASP, please send a minimum 2 page essay detailing your interest in somatics as well as your previous experience, education & training in the field (download application here). Applications will be reviewed as they are received and will be followed by private interviews and/or meetings. Prospective applicants will be notified by summer 2020 and will have to demonstrate adequate mastery of the summer intensive to enrol for the first fall trimester. Please contact us for program fees. Work-study/financial aid arrangements are available for many students.

Our program maintains the high standards of an Approved Training Program of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA). Our graduates meet all requirements to become Registered Somatic Movement Educators and Therapists.

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The Future of Learning…

We are currently in the midst of making our certification program more accessible for people around the world. In addition to our current training center in Toronto, Canada, we wish to open a new center in the US in the coming years, and we’re currently developing new multimedia resources for a new online training series. Check in later to discover how you can learn the revolutionary process of Spiral Praxis anywhere in the world.