Spiral Praxis Mission

The mission of the Spiral Movement Center is to disseminate natural and holistic somatic techniques to people from all walks of life. Our ideal is the concept of internal self-direction—we believe that all people have the innate ability to initiate and control their inner functioning through simple awareness:

  • We hold that the bodymind cannot harm itself except through external stress and hardship.

  • We hold that the bodymind can actively heal itself when it is properly aligned and balanced.

  • We hold that the bodymind does not lie.

  • We hold that a person’s character is the essence of bodymind.

  • We hold that human creativity is a manifold whole that cannot be divided.

  • We hold that true understanding is meditative.

  • We hold that a person cannot make progress without observing their errors.

  • We hold that learning is a spiral developmental process.

Our approach in the sessions is a constant dialogue between the practitioner and clients where both must creatively draw on their inner resources to find answers.  Our methods are strictly empirical meaning they must be simple, communicable, replicable and lead to consistent results.  We do not entertain any religious or cultural dogma—the realm of the bodymind is spiritual enough.

Progress in bodymind matters—increase in strength, ability, intellectual discrimination, meditative and flow states—is always kept disciplined by the concept of holistic balance. Holistic balance is a state of being where pain is a negative concept, an absence rather than a positive force. We strive only for a light, smooth, free-flowing Flow and our mission is to help people learn how to feel absolute ease even in the most difficult things.