Welcome to SpiralPraxis.org


This website is dedicated to a somatic bodymind worldview —in sum: to somatics as adventure, art, rigorous discipline and life-long calling.  This may not be a radical departure for those who have already experienced epiphanies through personal bodymind explorations.  However, for a large majority of our Western culture and society, somatic bodymind investigation is something that is almost completely overlooked.  The habits of our culture—its entertainment, vocations, economic structure, arts and literature, pastimes and social interactions—are so construed as to almost eliminate the possibility of deep inner bodymind connection.  Somatic awareness is not highly valued in our society but it is exactly that quality which lets a person live a rich, vibrant and happy life.

Through bodymind awareness almost anything is possible.  Human beings make the things on our earth turn and even the most inveterate critic realizes that without good health and energy, a person cannot shape his/her life into a productive arc.  Bodymind exploration can help a person attain these basic things.  It can also do much more.  It can bring a new perspective to how to live life within the conditions of our contemporary society without losing the essentials of our humanity.  Creativity, personality, love, individual groundedness and integrity all have their roots in a clear bodymind awareness.  With this inner awareness, people can have the courage to live their visions and truest actions; without it, one soon becomes lost in activities which may bring many things such as money, skills, family, renown but never the round ease of contentment.

Our contribution to the bodymind worldview is Spiral Praxis, a unified somatic bodymind system that we have been developing for the last two decades.  It is a bodymind approach that has been shaped by the world that we’ve lived in—a world that demands rapidity, scientific efficiency, clarity, and convenience.  It retains, however, the humanistic creative ideals that are inherent in bodymind exploration. We are living in an age of Flow where days are filled with ever-changing perspectives—nothing stays still for long and our venerable traditions morph into new forms as fast as technology updates.  Spiral Praxis can help people approach this contemporary Flow with a new confidence and groundedness.  It is system of learning—an internal technology— that guides us to understand that the same seemingly chaotic Flow exists within us….spiral flow dynamics present themselves constantly in our own ways of sensing, perceiving, thinking and feeling.  When one realizes this, one can begin a new relation not only to oneself but also to the world around one.

We hope through this website we will be able to provide resources for those people interested in this brave new internal world by offering teaching, training, and resources for self-study.  The Bodymind Portal is a project that we hope to carry out over the next five years to provide people with multimedia resources to learn about the theory and practice of Spiral Praxis.  Spiral Praxis is one of the first bodymind systems that uses a consistent methodology to approach the whole spectrum of bodymind concerns—a fractal approach that makes use of bursts of self-iterating small meditations (or awareness intervals) to  tackle a wide range of bodymind concerns—and we hope that the Bodymind Portal will help people understand the rigorous conceptual underpinnings this new somatics paradigm.   The Spiral Praxis Advanced Studies Program is also a way in which people can learn about the wide range of practical applications in which Spiral Praxis can be employed.  We believe that SP methods provide important new insights and possibilities into areas such as injury rehabilitation & prevention, motor re-education, athletic biomechanics & recovery, and cognitive & emotional re-patterining. We invite those of you interested in these kinds of investigations to join us in our passionate pursuit as the need is greater than ever for people to return back to their own bodymind birthright .  Viva la bodymind!